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At Mobile Stoves Uganda have a wide range of different types of firewood saving stove, electric saving stoves, and charcoal saving stoves and we offer free delivery for you.

Buy your stove now to save 52% on your cooking costs.

Check out firewood saving stove and charcoal saving stoves.

We have a variety of lasting cooking solutions for your home, large families, schools, hotels, health units, restaurants, prisons, barracks, and other large institutions to save and reduce kitchen and cooking costs in Africa, Uganda.

You will get everything you ever needed in your durable Uganda made stove to cook faster, smarter, and saving your firewood or charcoal instantly

According to the research, in Uganda, most Ugandans use non-eco-friendly, and costly ordinary high charcoal and firewood consuming cooking methods for small, large families, and large formal institutions to prepare their meals.

Our eco-friendly/environment-friendly stoves are advanced, clean, and will provide smoke-free,  safe for you, user-friendly, and more efficient to make your cooking better from healthier air to building stronger communities.

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Satisfied households and institutions in Uganda

Our mission is to build environmentally friendly energy-saving solutions through building effective stoves, ovens, saunas, steam baths, and fire pits in Uganda.

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